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The program was established and maintains a quality premier pre-college basketball environment for student-athletes.  We accomplish this by competing in national elite level tournaments throughout the nation, providing information to players and parents about key things outside the court that will have an impact on players opportunities on the court and finally  about becoming a college athlete. 

Virginia Elite welcome Andre Golanski as the new Junior Elite Director.  The Junior Elite programs will align with the High School Elite programs with the vision to transitions those players into the High School Elite program.


Updated: July 2016

High School Elite Division

Month Season: March - August

Junior Elite Division

Month Season: September - August

Division Coaches Division Coaches

Coach Thomas Gadson

(703) 725-4878


Coach Keith Nolen


Garrett Donaldson - Team D

Jesse Hudson, Asst. Coach



Jon Heslp - Team H


Coach Alan Starks

(703) 606-2165

Coach Keith Nolen


Coach Thomas Gadson

(703) 725-4878


Coach Thomas Gadson

(703) 725-4878

Thomas Gadson

Garrett Donaldson


Thomas Gadson

Dave Mason


Garrett Donaldson

Thomas Gadson

Thomas Gadson

Garrett Donaldson


JUNIOR ELITE DIVISION The coaching philosophy remains the same for the Junior Elite program.  To provide professional instructions and targeted development of our players to complete at the national level.

We strategically fuse basketball education with physical development with integrated programs aimed to increase the ability of all players who desire to continue their basketball careers. With our middle school group coaches are focused on developing solid fundamentals that will transition to high school in the upcoming years.

 This first step begins with developing core fundamental skills of the game for the next phase in their athletic endeavor. Our coaching staff has years of experience developing players to providing an opportunity to complete in national tournaments and camps throughout the country. 


Teams are developed to provide student athletes with the opportunity to compete against the premier players and teams throughout the country.  Our staff has experience at the NBA, NCAA (All Division) and High School levels. With having such a variety of experience the Virginia Elite experience is more than just playing basketball.  To continuing our trend of developing collegiate basketball players, our staff fuses specific training and coaching that is based on collegiate basketball, but in order to accomplish this, it starts with the foundation of preparation. 

Our process takes on various phases to develop the complete athlete. Example is our approach provides the necessary value added quality that each players can benefit. where we execute a strategic program that focuses on the employment of basketball skills and functional movement (FM) development as part of our core framework for player development.


The program expectations is to develop college student-athletes. As part of the equation our tournament competition schedule reflects the strategic direction for the program. As a Pre-Collegiate basketball program we require that our players compete is targeted events to showcase the direction of the program and the players ability to compete at the elite level. Our schedule includes tournaments in various locations in Virginia, Charlotte, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New York, New York, and Las Vegas, NV. We are now seeking to extend our competition play for 2016 to include an international event.

2016 Tournament Forecast

Our tournament schedule will include stops in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, California and Nevada.  We are currently working on participating in an international event.

Under Armour Association (UAA) Finals in  Atlanta, GA is the final stop on the Under Armour Association (UAA) circuit. 


HOOP GROUP ALLIANCE: High School Elite Teams are part of Hoop Group Alliance. The Alliance is an affiliation of Grassroots basketball teams that have vowed to be a part of the Hoop Group Jam Fest Tournaments. All Alliance members will be asked to participate in a certain number of Jam Fest tournaments over the course of the spring and summertime.

Washington, D.C. - Northern and West Virginia - Maryland

Virginia Elite National Grassroots Basketball Program