Elite Basketball training sessions feature core basketball patterns that has been created to accelerate individual development and on-court production, which leads to team success. The core basketball training includes position-specific fundamental and advanced drill sequences for all phases of the game, game-simulation drills and scrimmages closely monitored by coaches, as well as basketball-specific physical conditioning and mental conditioning.


  • Player Assessment (Physical Evaluation)

  • Group and Individual Training

  • One-on-One or Specialized by Appointment

  • Team or Group Training

  • Specialized or Position Training

Each session consist of skill development drills that focuses on developing ball handling skills, shooting, conditioning, acceleration and other facets of the game. In order to provide our players with an effective development program we provide a video assessment for the player and parent to view as we take each player through a series of skills development session.

Whether you're touching a basketball for the first time or an advanced player looking to sharpen your skills, our program is the perfect fit.

Session: A training session is one (1) training session occurrence. Based on need and if agreed the session may include an additional training session for the participant.

Saturday - Herndon Middle School

Session 1 (S1): 2:30PM - 4:00PM

Sunday - Herndon Middle School

Session 2 (S2): 10:00AM - 11:30AM

Session 3 (S3): 2:30PM - 4:00PM 






Player Development


Grades: 3rd - 12th

Session: $65.00

No. of Sessions: 4

Duration: 1hr 


Development Stage


Grades: 3rd - 6th

Cost: $240.00

No. of Sessions: 4

Duration: 1hr


Progressive Training


Grades: 7th - 10th

Cost: $300.00

No. of Sessions: 4

Duration: 1.5hr


Accelerated Training


Grades: 10th - 12th 

Cost: $340.00

No. of Sessions: 4

Duration: 1.5 Hours


Advance Training


Grades: 10th - 12th

Cost: $320.00

No. of Sessions: 4

Duration: 2.0 Hours Minutes

Virginia Elite Basketball Training Programs