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Virginia Elite makes a commitment to provide resources to our players and your support would be a welcome addition to our group of contributors. Our teams compete annually in nationally recognized NCAA events throughout the country. Our partners brand, product and services is  exposed through our participation in these events. The video playing below represents Virginia Elite competing against Under Armor sponsored team Atlanta Xpress at an NCAA certified event. Shirts and Skins provided team uniforms and Dynamic Sports Performance (DSP) provided team training for our players throughout the season.

The game was played in front of many division 1 and 2 coaches, onsite spectators all while the replay of the video has been viewed by many who took an interest in the players from both teams. Our 2012-13 schedule has our teams participating in various nationally recognized tournaments in the spring and summer. Because of our participation in elite level events, our partners and sponsor receive maximize exposure for their products and services.

If you are interested in getting involved with Virginia Elite please contact Thomas Gadson at (703) 725-4878 or


EXPLOSIVE PERFORMANCE (EP) Virginia Elite and Explosive Performance have created a rigorous 90 min session integrating Basketball Skills and Sports Performance. Whether your athlete is a Youth, High School, or Collegiate-level player, we will increase their ability to perform at a high level.  Virginia Elite and Explosive Performance have over 25 years of player development experience. Each entity has transitioned the average player to scholarship athletes. The results are proven to be effective. Many of these athletes have leveraged our “seamlessly integrated” program to bring skill and sport-specific exercise together. Over the past 10 years Virginia Elite has evolved into one of the premier basketball programs in the country. Developed by Thomas Gadson, the training program was created to take the average player, increase their abilities through a rigorous basketball training program. Now, in conjunction with VA Elite and EP, Sports training will integrate basketball skills to elevate that overall athleticism of each player.  

Kevin Boyle, Garrett Broady and Andrew Harvey have been in the Sports Performance for over 20 years. Explosive Performance has completed mentorships in Boston (Mike Boyle), Arizona (Athletes’ Performance), and Kansas City (AthleteFIT) since 2011. This includes EXOS Phases I, II, and III (formerly Athletes’ Performance). Adults and Athletes should expect the best programming and execution on the East Coast.

With basketball is highly skilled sport. The integration of athleticism and skill is imperative. More players are getting involved with basketball training and performance training. Our program offers a unique player development program, designed to give athletes strength and skills training at the same time.

SHIRTS & SKINS BASKETBALL Shirts & Skins (Tualatin, Oregon) entered the team market with the introduction of our high quality “reversible” game uniform. Prior to our entry, reversible uniforms were typically made of cheap micro-mesh fabrics and marketed primarily as practice wear. With already tight athletic budgets, many schools needed to stretch their dollars to pay for their uniforms. As a solution, we introduced a game-style reversible uniform at an affordable price and offered it as a stock program. The stylish and high-quality “Game Look” of our Reversible Game Uniform gave it a unique advantage over other manufacturers who did not offer a game styled reversible uniform. Essentially, we re-invented the reversible uniform category based on market opportunity and satisfied a demand.

DYNAMIC SPORTS PERFORMANCE (DSP) Since 1996, Coach Ferron Carter has been involved in strength and conditioning with a working knowledge in high intensity training, manual strength training and Olympic weight lifting.

Certified since 2003, Coach Carter is committed to the physical growth and development of children as well as adults. Although not a nutritionist, he has a great understanding of how food affects the body. This has motivated him to design proper and safe work-outs and encourage healthy eating habits for boys and girls in an effort to battle childhood obesity and diabetes.

HERITAGE TREASURES EMBROIDERY & SCREEN PRINTING Your Source for Custom Screen Printed, Embroidered and Promotional Products. We feature high quality screen printed and embroidered garments and thousands of other products customized with your logo and/or message to promote your business or special events.

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Virginia Elite National Grassroots Basketball Program