National Exposure

Sponsorship Designation


This level is designed to benefit a player.  Individual Sponsorship does not require Virginia Elite to provide services to the sponsor of the individual.  If individual sponsorship is designated for a TEAM and the value is less than the minimum amount of $1,000.00 designated by the Team Sponsorship, all rule applies under the “Team Sponsorship” guidelines. If the Individual Sponsorship is designated as a Team Sponsorship the funds administration is under the Team Sponsorship guidance.


This level will only benefit the specified team. Funds administration will be managed by Virginia Elite and funds usage reported to the sponsorship recipient. Any team expenses paid by Virginia Elite will be repaid first. Event sponsorship will cover a specific aspect of event such as tournament entry fee, coach accommodation for a specific event, etc. 


This level involves the sponsor receiving the maximum benefits that require Virginia Elite services such as Internet Marketing, Printed Media Marketing (Advertising), etc. Each sponsor will be provided with a copy of the Virginia Elite Sponsorship Application and Tax ID as verification of monies received. The corporate sponsorship level is the highest-level sponsorship offered by Virginia Elite.

We invite sponsors to consider becoming a Virginia Elite supporter. The mission of the organization is to cultivate the athletic, academic, and spiritual talents of players ages 9-18. The sponsorship program is a unique opportunity to support our program. Not only will this affiliate you’re with the Virginia Elite community but also allow you to market your product or services through the Virginia Elite website, mobile app, apparel marketing, direct mailing or through our social media vehicles.

Sponsorship funds will assist to reduce costs of memberships, uniforms, practice gym time, tournament registration fees, league entrance fees, and equipment/supplies (i.e. basketballs, first aid kit, and training equipment), hotel accommodations and other travel expenses for tournaments out of the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

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