VIRGINIA ELITE BASKETBALL TRAINING Our training programs are designed for players based on their skills level. We understand through experience that player development is more than dribbling a ball around chairs or conducting shooting drills without a purpose and expected results. Our program is designed to fully develop an athletes’ overall performance and enhance their ability to perform.  Combination training techniques are implemented to enhance players abilities to give them confidence and provide preventative measures for extended endurance. 

Our program covers shooting Mechanics (off catch, off dribble), Jab Step Series, Dribble Separation, Weak Hand Development, Finishing, Advanced Dribble Scoring Methods, Moving Without the Ball, Post and Perimeter Work, Triple Threat Separation, Footwork, Seeing the Floor, Physical and Muscle Conditioning, Defensive Work, Team Chemistry, Leadership, Basketball IQ, and much more. 

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Player Assessment

Player Assessment | Grades: 3rd - 12th 

Duration: 45 - 60 Minutes | $40.00 One Time Fee

Description: Under the direction of our Strength and Conditioning Program, the development of players physical abilities is a key factor and one of the most important feature of our program. We employ Speed, Agility & Quickness program to enhance individuals to improve as athletes by focusing on coordination, form and techniques which we will transition to the basketball court. 

** The results of this assessment provide key data metrics that enables the coaching staff to map out a development program.

Level 1 - Basic

Level 1 Basic Development Stage | Grades: 3rd - 6th 

Duration: 30 - 45 Minutes | Sessions: 4 

Cost: $40.00 per session or $150.00 for 4 Sessions

Description: Level 1 is the first level program that is designed for the players  learning to play the game. This format is based on providing players with the true fundamental concepts of the game, passing, dribbling and shooting. 

Level 2 - Advance

Level 2 Progressive Training | Grades: 7th - 10th

Duration: 60 - 90 Minutes | Sessions: 4

Cost: $50.00 per session or $170.00 for 4 Sessions

Description: Level 2 is designed for middle school players that have a good concept of the game. Level 2 is designed to provide each player with advance techniques to enhance their physical and mental approach to the game. The focus of Level 2 is working on more mechanical and functional aspects of playing basketball.  Our advanced program is tailored to the high school athlete. It combines speed, agility, and quickness with sport-specific strength and power training. 

Level 3 - Advance

Level 3 Advance Training | Grades: 10th - 12th

Duration: 60 - 90 Minutes | Sessions: 4

Cost: $55.00 per session or $200.00 for 4 Sessions

Description: Level 3 training is based on the preparing the player to meet the demands of elite performance basketball. Players will receive advanced instructions to prepare them to compete at a high skill level. Advance Basketball Functional Movement and movement shooting, defensive strategy training, etc.

Individual (1 on 1) Training

Individual Training | Schedule Appointment Only

Duration: 60 Minutes | Sessions: 4

Cost: $ 60.00 per session

Description: Individual sessions are for players who seek 1 on 1 attention to maximize their skill development. These workouts are designed to replicate the pressure of game speed situations and assist in the execution of basic and advanced fundamentals under that pressure. We encourage our athletes to get out of their comfort zones and make mistakes as a part of the learning and developmental process. These sessions are the most intense workouts we offer.

Group / Team Training

Duration: 2.0 hours | Sessions: 4 Schedule Appointment Only

Description: Teams rarely focus on individual skill development, instead, their primary focus is on the offensive system being ran, but if you can't pass, can't pivot, and can't dribble, it doesn't matter what offense is run as even the best of those systems are ineffective without execution of proper fundamental skills. Our training sessions are geared toward developing individual skills within a team environment using that team's concepts and philosophies.

Advance Training

Position Advance Training | Schedule Appointment Only

Duration: 60 - 90 Minutes | Sessions: 4

Description: Our specialized training is based on focusing on skills that's required to be a complete player at a specific position. Specialized training is the next level of training for players looking to be at the best at their position during competition.

Accelerated Training and Basketball Performance Training

Accelerated Basketball Specific Performance Training 

Grades: Middle and High School

Saturday and/or Sunday | Duration: 2 Hours

Level of Training: High and Intense Focused

Description: The Accelerated Basketball Specific training is a combination program of Basketball and Sport Specific Movement Training.  This is very similar to the game situation activities, this allows players to focus on employing their skills  in an intense and forward-thinking atmosphere. The focus of this training is to provide the player with advance skills that they normally develop at the collegiate level. High repetition, defensive training, endurance training, and strength training is involved at the college level. 

Our advanced Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ) Program is tailored to the high school athlete. It combines speed, agility, and quickness with sport-specific strength and power training.

Virginia Elite serves all parts of Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland and West Virginia. The premier AAU Grassroots Basketball program in Northern Virginia. Established in 2008 Virginia Elite has maintain a level of excellence that has resulted in many players playing at the highest level of high school and collegiate basketball.

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