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Elite Wellness Performance and Recovery


Team Training at Elite Wellness provides teams an opportunity to train together and reach their pre-season, in-season or off-season goals. For these training sessions we develop a periodized program to improve sport-specific skills, strength, power, endurance and overall athletic performance. Team training emphasizes injury prevention and includes exercises aimed at decreasing the likelihood of common injuries associated with the given sport.

Team training at Elite also emphasizes the importance of team building/bonding while promoting both individual and team success in a safe and fun environment. Trainers will create a pre- and post-testing battery to put each athlete through. This test battery will include sport-specific assessments that allow the trainer to gain an insight to how the team performs, what their strengths/weakness are, and what areas they need to improve in. This also allows each individual athlete to track their progress overtime.

Monday Middle School Group Session

Length of program: 12 training sessions (excluding Columbus/Indigenous People’s Day October 8th, 2023)

Start date: Monday September 25th, 2023

End date: Monday December 18th, 2023

Time: 5-6 PM

Capacity: 10 players MAX.

Thursday Middle School Group Session

Length of program: 12 training sessions (excluding Thanksgiving November 23rd, 2023)

Start date: Thursday September 28th, 2023

End date: Thursday December 21st, 2023

Time: 5-6 PM

Capacity: 10 players MAX.

Elite Wellness Performance and Wellness - Virginia Elite Strength and Conditionaing Program

POC: Anthony Ryder, Lead Fitness Specialist of Elite Wellness

Contact Number: (703) 867-7736

Elite Wellness, 44427 Atwater Drive, Suite 130,  Ashburn, VA  20147

Website: Elite Wellness 

Program Details:Two (2) session options (Monday or Thursday) for the duration of 12 week training program we will be running for Virginia Elite, please read each detail carefully:

  1. On the first day we are collecting data in order to track progress of your athlete. Data collection includes: SECA body composition analysis, VALD ForceDeck testing, power and agility assessment. We will do the same exact testing on the very last day. The program is catered to what the athletes need for their sport, following a strict progression in order to build muscle, explosiveness, speed, balance, core, etc. Once the program begins, it is highly encouraged and recommended to stay consistent in order to grow and progress the athlete.
  2. If you are interested in having your athlete join the program, continue by completing the Registation and Session Signup form (Right). When completing the registration select Monday or Thursday session your son will be attending. 
  3. There are limited spots IT IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. If you have any further questions please let me know, I am happy to help or explain anything that may need clarification. 

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Sessions (Monday and Thursday)

  • MIddle School training sessions

Virginia Elite serves all parts of Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland and West Virginia. The premier AAU Grassroots Basketball program in Northern Virginia. Established in 2008 Virginia Elite has maintain a level of excellence that has resulted in many players playing at the highest level of high school and collegiate basketball.

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