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Virginia Elite makes a commitment to provide education and athletic resources and services to student-athletes. Your support would be a welcome addition to our resources pool to assist students in their quest to achieve their goals.

Your sponsorship will leverage Virginia Elite brand awareness and marketing benefits from the sports team and sporting events. These sponsorship opportunities are highly visible, offering exposure to millions of consumers. The collaboration can drive marketing by getting your brand name, logo, and mission in fans when most engaged in sports.

Our teams competes regularly in nationally recognized youth and elite high school basketball events throughout the country which provides national exposure to thousands of viewers in sports and media. Our partners brand, product and services are exposed through our participation in these events. 

Each event that our youth and high school elite team participate in are played in front of many college coaches, thousands of onsite spectators  and millions of digital viewers. Additional replays of game videos are viewed by many who took an interest in the players from both teams. Each year our teams participate in nationally recognized tournaments year round. Because of our participation in these, our partners and sponsor receive maximize exposure for their products and services.


Virginia Elite is a 100% volunteer organization with the primary objective to provide quality programs that promote academic excellence, various concepts of teamwork and the importance of sportsmanship. We strive to teach each participant the fundamentals of the game, enhance their athletic skills and develop their self-esteem. Additionally, we assist each player in nurturing a competitive spirit that will serve them through life. 

Charitable giving is used to provide individual scholarship based on financial need, and to offset the team’s expenses for travel and national tournament entry fees and cost.  If funds are obtained and Virginia Elite website, relationship, partnerships and/or alliances are used as part of the sponsorship a percentage of that amount must be provided to the organization for administrative services. If you separate for the organization, the sponsorship monies remain with Virginia Elite because we provide more than the value of the typical sponsorship value.

To meet these objectives, Virginia Elite solicits your participation and involvement. Virginia Elite is both a nonprofit and volunteer organization.


Our Mission

The mission of the program is to provide a platform where students can leverage sports as a platform to advance their academic and athletic endeavors. Throughout the years Virginia Elite has identifies students beginning.


Our Vision

Our vision is to continuously provide a platform of identification, development and foster good sportsmanship through athletics to advance opportunities of each student athletes to reach their fullest potential.
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